He’s too emotionally invested in the idea that misandry is a Real Thing for Real to abandon that. He won’t read anything you give him in good faith.

Yeah if it was just the trans guys thing I would probably…

I think he is Quebecois himself.  He has a pattern of argumentation.  Eventually, it all comes back to being a personal attack on him.  I remember him from pre-Kinja io9 days.  He took forever to get on board with the idea of climate change.  Serenada had to educate him about the fact that someone having sex with an unconscious person IS actually rape.  He felt free to pass judgment on my pro-choice views multiple times, because “but what if the pregnancy was caused by meeeeee I’d be so saaaaaaaad!”

Basically he has a pattern of defending his position on things he doesn’t know much about, or hasn’t thought much about, and he has a very hard time admitting that he’s wrong about something.



mythbri replied to your photo “A fun day of paintball! Here are a couple of my bruises. The worst is…”

I thought I would like paintball the one time I played. I would like it if I weren’t the only woman there, though. My first and last time, I was invited by my brother. The other guys…

If I had friends who were into it, it would probably be fine.  But I was cut exactly zero slack for mistakes, despite it being my first time playing.  Didn’t mind getting shot except for the guy who snuck up behind me and started firing, getting closer and closer until he was at point-blank range - it was clear after the first three shots that I was “out” but he didn’t seem to think that mattered.

I’d played with borrowed gear that time and wan’t impressed enough with my experience to invest in any of my own or try to “muscle through” and keep playing.  When you’re told that you suck at paintball because you’re a girl, and you don’t want to play paintball anymore after that, then Voila!  You end up sucking at paintball (same goes for video games).  It wasn’t because I was a girl, though.  It was because those guys were jerks.

People sure are good at excluding others from activities for really ridiculous reasons.







Can we make a petition for Oded Fehr to be cast as Doctor Strange? Is it possible because it needs to be done.


give this to me now.

If this don’t pick him I will actually burn down Marvel’s film headquarters

Oded Fehr is the best! He would be perfect for Strange!